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The Ruby Show dudes at RailsConf. The Ruby Show is the best Ruby-related podcast of all time, featuring news and discussion about the latest topics in the Ruby and Rails communities. There's a good chance if you email us we'll feature your gem or project. If you're interested in sponsoring the podcast, please use the contact form to contact us.

Your Hosts


Peter Cooper (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, GitHub, Delicious)

Peter Cooper is a husband, dad, tech publisher (e-mail newsletters and blogs), Ruby developer, successful author and editor (and generally an English language nut), and entrepreneur with two reasonable exits. He’s based in Louth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, and has been living the self employed lifestyle (good and bad) since 1999.


Jason Seifer (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, GitHub)

Jason is a 29 year old web developer living in Orlando, FL. Jason does web development, primarily Rails, and consulting. Lately he's specialized in higher traffic sites, which is quite funny since he's known for saying that Rails can’t scale. He does all types of Ruby and Rails related consulting through his company, Twistedmind Inc. He enjoys poetry, scotch, and long walks on the beach.