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Costco Manulife Travel Insurance: Protect Your Trip for Less

Explore peace of mind with Costco Manulife Travel Insurance. Safeguard your journeys with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

Traveling opens doors to new experiences, cultures, and memories that last a lifetime. But unexpected events, like illness, injury, or trip interruptions, can quickly turn your dream vacation into a stressful situation. That’s where Costco Manulife Travel Insurance comes in, offering Canadians a comprehensive and affordable way to protect their trip investments and ensure peace of mind while exploring the world.

This partnership between Costco, a trusted retailer known for its commitment to high-quality products and member value, and Manulife, a leading Canadian insurance provider, brings you a travel insurance plan specifically tailored to the needs of Costco members and their families. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a multi-week adventure, or a family vacation, Costco Manulife Travel Insurance offers a range of coverage options to ensure you’re protected from unforeseen circumstances.

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Traveling can be expensive, and unexpected medical emergencies or trip interruptions can quickly add to your costs. That’s where travel insurance comes in, and Costco’s partnership with Manulife offers a competitive option for Canadians seeking peace of mind on their travels.

Is there Manulife COVID travel insurance?

Yes, Manulife’s travel insurance for Costco members includes coverage for COVID-19-related medical expenses. This covers emergency medical treatment, paramedical services, ambulance transportation, and emergency dental treatment related to COVID-19. You also have the option to add the COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan for additional coverage, such as trip cancellation or interruption if you or a travel companion tests positive for COVID-19.

What is Costco Manulife travel insurance?

Costco Manulife travel insurance is a group plan available to Costco members and their families. It offers a range of coverage options, including:

  • Emergency medical: Covers emergency medical expenses incurred outside your province of residence in Canada or while traveling internationally.
  • Trip cancellation/interruption: Reimburses you for pre-paid travel costs if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered reason, such as illness, injury, or a natural disaster.
  • Baggage: Provides coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen baggage and personal belongings.
  • Trip delay: Reimburses you for additional expenses incurred due to a flight delay.
  • Cancel for any reason: This optional add-on allows you to cancel your trip for any reason and receive a full refund for your pre-paid travel costs.

How Much Does Costco Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of Costco Manulife travel insurance depends on several factors, including the length of your trip, your age, the destination you are traveling to, and the coverage options you choose. You can get a quote online or by calling Manulife directly. Great post to read Fraud Report Mintware Venture.

Costco Travel
Costco Travel

Why Choose Costco Manulife Travel Insurance?

While there are many travel insurance options available, Costco Manulife offers several key benefits that make it a compelling choice for many Canadians:

1. Competitive Rates:

As a group plan, Costco Manulife travel insurance leverages the buying power of Costco’s membership base to negotiate lower rates than individual policies. This translates to significant savings for travelers, especially families and those taking multiple trips per year.

2. Comprehensive Coverage:

The plan offers a wide range of coverage options, including emergency medical, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage protection, trip delay, and optional add-ons like “cancel for any reason.” This ensures you’re protected from various unforeseen events that could disrupt your trip.

3. COVID-19 Coverage:

With the ongoing pandemic, having travel insurance that covers COVID-related expenses is crucial. Costco Manulife covers emergency medical treatment and certain expenses associated with COVID-19, offering valuable peace of mind during these uncertain times.

4. Convenience:

Purchasing and managing your travel insurance is easy through Costco’s online portal or by contacting Manulife directly. You can access your policy details, make changes, and file claims conveniently.

5. Trusted Brand:

Both Costco and Manulife are well-respected brands with a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service. Choosing their co-branded travel insurance gives you the confidence that you’re protected by a reputable provider.

6. Additional Benefits:

Costco Manulife travel insurance offers additional perks, such as 24/7 travel assistance, emergency medical evacuation, and access to a network of global healthcare providers. These benefits can be invaluable in case of unexpected emergencies.

Overall, Costco Manulife travel insurance provides a comprehensive and affordable solution for protecting your travel investment. With its competitive rates, wide coverage options, COVID-19 protection, and convenience, it’s a compelling choice for savvy travelers who want peace of mind while enjoying their adventures.

Final Words

Costco Manulife travel insurance is a good option for Canadians looking for comprehensive and affordable travel insurance. It offers a range of coverage options, including COVID-19-related expenses, and the group rates available to Costco members can help you save money. Be sure to compare quotes and read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any travel insurance.

People Also Ask

Does the Costco Visa card provide travel insurance?

Yes, it offers some basic travel insurance like car rental insurance and travel accident insurance. However, coverage may be limited compared to dedicated travel insurance plans.

Does Manulife have trip cancellation insurance?

Yes, they offer various travel insurance plans with trip cancellation benefits.

What insurance carrier does Costco use?

For the Costco Anywhere Visa card, the insurance carrier is Citi.

What’s the best travel insurance?

The “best” depends on your individual needs and budget. Compare coverage, price, and exclusions before choosing.