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Is Costco Travel Worth It? Uncovering the Pros and Cons in 2023

In this article we will discuss the topic Is Costco Travel Worth It? and also explain its Pros and Cons. So Let’s get started!

Costco has become synonymous with bulk buying and member-exclusive discounts, but did you know they also offer travel deals? While the warehouse giant may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to booking trips, Costco Travel offers unique advantages and potential savings that are worth considering.

What is Costco Travel?

Costco Travel is a service specifically designed for Costco members, offering them exclusive benefits. This service grants members access to reduced rates on a variety of travel options, including vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, and theme parks. Costco Travel collaborates with trusted travel companies to secure exclusive deals, ensuring that their members enjoy special discounts and privileges.

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Is Costco Travel Worth It?

Costco Travel can offer competitive prices on vacation packages, including airfare, accommodations, and activities. They also sometimes offer additional discounts or perks. However, they have a limited selection of travel options and require a Costco membership. You should compare prices and read the fine print before booking.

How Does Costco Travel Work?


  • Use the Costco Travel website or app to browse destinations, dates, and travel options.
  • Filter your search by various criteria, including price, star rating, amenities, and activities.
  • View detailed descriptions, photos, and reviews for each option.


  • Book your trip directly through the Costco Travel website or app.
  • Enjoy a secure booking process and easy access to your travel documents.
  • Receive confirmation emails and updates about your trip.

Rates: How Do They Compare?

Costco Travel often offers competitive rates on hotels and vacation packages, especially for all-inclusive resorts and cruises. However, comparing prices with other travel sites and booking directly with hotels is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Costco Travel vs. Priceline:

  • Costco focuses on curated deals with reputable partners, while Priceline offers a wider variety of options, including opaque deals with potentially hidden fees.

Costco Travel vs. Amex Travel:

  • Both offer exclusive member benefits and travel insurance options. Costco may offer better deals on all-inclusive resorts and cruises, while Amex may have more flexibility with flights and booking changes.

Costco Travel vs. Booking Directly:

  • Booking directly with hotels might offer additional perks like room upgrades or early check-in, but may not be as competitive in price.

Pros and Cons:


  • Exclusive member discounts and benefits
  • Competitive rates on vacation packages and cruises
  • A curated selection of reputable travel partners
  • Secure booking process and easy access to travel documents
  • Member reward points on travel purchases


  • Limited inventory compared to other travel sites
  • Not always the cheapest option for every booking
  • May not offer as much flexibility with booking changes
  • Requires a Costco membership

Costco Cruises

Costco Travel offers a dedicated section for cruises with various destinations, cruise lines, and ship options. You can search, compare prices, and book cruises directly on the platform. Often, Costco Travel includes additional perks like onboard credit or digital Costco Shop Cards.


  • Filter by cruise line, destination, departure date, and duration.
  • View detailed itineraries, ship information, and deck plans.
  • Read reviews from other Costco members.

Comparing Prices:

  • Compare prices with other travel sites and directly with cruise lines.
  • Consider the value of additional perks offered by Costco Travel.

Cruise Flight/Hotel Packages:

  • Book airfare and hotel stays along with your cruise for a seamless travel experience.
  • Enjoy package deals and potential cost savings.

Final Words

The value of Costco Travel for you hinges on your travel preferences and budget considerations. If you’re a Costco member seeking convenient and discounted vacation packages, particularly for all-inclusive resorts and cruises, it’s worthwhile to explore what they offer. However, it’s advisable to compare prices with other travel websites and consider booking directly with hotels to ensure you secure the most favorable deal.

In essence, Costco Travel delivers a valuable service to its members by granting access to exclusive deals and a thoughtfully curated selection of travel options. Before making your next travel reservation, take the time to assess your priorities and conduct thorough research to maximize your potential savings.

People Also Ask

Q: Are Costco Vacations good value?

A: Costco negotiates deals with resorts and airlines, potentially saving you money. However, compare prices before booking, as deals may vary.

Q: Do Costco members get travel discounts?

A: Yes, members often get discounts on hotels, cruises, and car rentals through Costco Travel. Additionally, some packages offer bonus Costco cash back.

Q: Do you get a percent back on Costco Travel?

A: Some Costco Travel packages offer a percentage of your purchase as Costco cash back, usually between 2% and 5%.

Q: How much is Costco membership travel?

A: There’s no separate fee for Costco Travel. You only need a regular Costco membership, currently costing $60 or $120 per year.